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Yashodeep Yadav

Volume: 7 Issue: 4 2017


Rise and domination of complex organizations in our society, scholars have focused on understanding the conditions that motivate employees to effectively serve the goals of organizations. Many scholars believe that employees can be motivated to serve the goals of organizations with the effective use of monetary incentives. Perhaps one of the early most influential scholars to promote the value of monetary rewards was Fredrick Taylor (1916). His strategy was to fragmenting whole jobs into simple standard elements and paying employees according to their work performance. There are scholars and practitioners who challenge the assumption that the intrinsic motivation to work should be replaced by monetary rewards to motivate employees. This concept came out of the human relations movement. This movement encouraged organizations to emphasize on the nonmonetary motivation factors that positively influence the satisfaction, commitment, and job performance of employees. This concept was supported by many scholars and practitioners, particularly in the field of public administration, which has shown that public employees are relatively attracted to the intrinsic nonmonetary qualities of their work environment, mainly when compared to private-sector employees. This is very important and pragmatic given the fact that public organizations often lack the financial resources to rely heavily on monetary incentives as a major motivational strategy. However, some public administration scholars often characterize intrinsic motivation in ways that are inherently incompatible with our organizational environment and prevailing human relations principles. Consequently, the purpose of this research-paper is to present a conceptual framework that can be used to explore and understand intrinsic motivation in public organizations.

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