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Tse-Mei Chen

Volume: 7 Issue: 4 2017


The introduction of animated news in the Taiwanese tabloid Apple Daily’s online version is the result of the revenue competition and the changes in the contemporary media environment. This study has compared the young viewers’ attention, memory, comprehension, and attitude towards the selected news items after watching the differing presentation models of the television news and animated news. The results showed that the animated news captured the audience’s attention by dramatizing the specific sensational news events with accented narration, visually stimulating images, mocking tones, and special sound effects. However, viewers, after watching the animated news, only remembered trivial details or shocking images. The results also indicated that the usage of technology by the animated news was fascinating, but excessive sensationalism led to alienation or indifference by the audience. In Taiwan, with concern towards the recent news media that operates in a tabloid news style, substantial deliberation must be given to determine the line between news and entertainment.

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