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Brahmacharimayum Samita Devi, Dr. Paonam Sudeep Mangang

Volume: 8 Issue: 1 2018


Sweden has come a long way and has succeeded in setting a remarkable example in the field of gender equality. The credit of gender development today goes to the wave of feminism in the 19th century. Like many European countries, Sweden, then was also participating in the rapidly rising wave of feminism. It started with the motive of gaining basic rights for women. However, somehow, it generated war between the sexes. Literature of the time thematised and reflected on the prevailing gender war of the time. It also reflected individual perception, reception and response to this new wave. This paper, therefore, studies the playwright August Strindberg and his works with an effort to understand how he has realistically depicted feminism, popularly known as ‘the women question’, and the related issues.

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