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Aswan Fakhir Jasim

Volume: 8 Issue: 1 2018


The current study is entitled "The Effectiveness of Using Puns on Students Achievement in Vocabulary". Humor is an essential part of human life and since puns belong to humor they are very effective in teaching English language vocabularies. In teaching English, humor enhances students' learning capacity. Humor is also a significant element to reduce the stress in the classroom. It is hypothesized that puns can be used as a technique in the process of learning English language and especially learning its vocabulary. The study aims to show that puns can be used to teach students new vocabulary, for example,vocabularies that sound the same but spelled differently, vocabularies that their sound and spell are the same, and so on. Moreover, puns can also be used to check students' comprehension. An experiment is applied on a group of university students in order to test the hypothesis that puns can be used in teaching vocabulary. The students are divided into two groups, group (A) and group (B) and are given a number of fill in the blanks questions which contain vocabularies they have learned either through the classroom language(class A) or vocabularies they have learned by using puns (class B). The results of the test show that students who have learned vocabularies by using puns are better than those who have learned vocabularies through the language of the classroom. The study consists of three sections parts. Section one is an introduction. It includes the problem, aims, the hypothesis, limits, and procedures of the study. Section two provides theoretical background about the study. It includes the definition of puns, classification of puns, and advantages of using puns in teaching vocabulary. It also involves the definition of vocabulary, strategies for learning vocabulary, and the importance of learning vocabulary. Section three involves the practical procedures that can be used in order to incorporate humor and especially puns into teaching process. The last part consists of conclusions, appendix, and references.

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