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MUNA HAMDI HIKMAT , Mohamed Aziz Abdul-Hassan Al-BAYATI

Volume: 8 Issue: 3 2018


The most prominent obstacle to the implementation of democratic consensus in Iraq is the weakness of the legislative authority (the Iraqi parliament) because it was built on the basis of quotas and narrow party bloc and the adoption of the principle of power-sharing and influence between parliamentary blocs strife on the basis of sectarian and sectarian and national (Sunnis and Shiites and Kurds or Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen or Muslims and Christians. Etc.) instead of adopting the state administration curriculum known in constitutional jurisprudence This resulted in a lack of trust between the parliamentary blocs participating in the government as well as the overlap between the three powers (legislative, executive and judicial) and the absence of political opposition. And to consolidate the narrow party mentality based on the protection of the interests of the bloc and the party at the expense of community service and achieve its well-being The result of this narrow partisan factionalism is the emergence of a particular model of administration that has a direct impact on the quality of the so-called administration of power. And not the state administration? And the administration of power and influence between the political blocs based on partisan and sectarian quotas and the result of the formation of the government does not inspire confidence and does not build a homeland nor constitutional institutions, and does not establish a climate saving the homeland And that those concerned with the formation of the government of the political blocs that adopted the consensus democracy as a strategy to manage the affairs of the country did not have the national sense necessary to achieve sustainable development of the country and the development of appropriate plans and strategies to meet the challenges facing the question was the construction of structures and the provision of all health services and educational and cultural and economic growth Raising the national income of the Iraqi individual ... etc This resulted in the increase of people's poverty, need and destitution and the reason for the consecration of political consensus, which strengthened the presence of political blocs and the achievement of narrow interests at the expense of the public interest. It no longer holds the luxury of raising contradictory slogans among the political forces that adopted and established the concept of democratic consensus, which served the interests of these political blocs exclusively and did not work on. To raise the level of growth to achieve future economic stability and achieve sustainable development

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