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Nidhi Dwivedy

Volume: 2 Issue: 2 2012


The present study has analyzed the existing information about female farmer’s supplementary responsibilities along with farming in the rural area of Sikkim in North- Eastern India and suggested some points so that the stakeholder’s efficiency can be attained in discharging these activities. In the region despite majority of the population is dependent on agriculture sector, still it is in the evolving shape and poses a variety of challenges. The contribution of women in this noble sector is although enormous yet invisible and does not get counted for much. Social science research in the state of Sikkim is inadequate despite several incentives provided by the state government. Nowadays, with voluminous amount of public expenditure on women empowerment schemes, we cannot ignore this issue thus making it unavoidable to empower them also with the intention to fully utilize their caliber in this field.Keeping this in mind, data was collected from 230 female farmers through interviews using a pre-designed schedule from 24 circles from all the four districts of Sikkim State. Based on their subjective judgments, female farmer’s supplementary responsibilities along with farminghave been measured and analyzed using the Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS). Some descriptive statistics, such as percentage as well as one sample t-test of inferential statistics is used to interpret the data. The findings of the study revealedthat significantly more number of sample female farmers on an average looks after the nurturing and health of children at home. But because of illiteracy they are not able to look after the education of the children. As far as ritual ceremonies at home are concerned, the findingsreveal that because of lack of credit accessibility, this activity is looked after by male members of the family. Data in the study area also disclose that significantly more number of sample female farmers on an average feel happy about looking after the responsibility at home as well as in agriculture.Results pertaining to these findings have been discussed in this paper

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