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The Effect of Strategic physiognomy Capabilities In Reconfiguration the Organization: An applied study at the Central Oil Refineries Company in Iraq

Maryem Ali Bahar, Shehenaz Fadhil Ahmed

Volume: 11 Issue: 3 2021


The current research aims to investigate and detection the role of strategic in Oil Reconfiguration of Central Refineries Company through the dimensions represented by (empowerment, deep understanding, inspiration , and fast of environmental response. So, means that enables organizations in general to chart the correct paths to activate their practical and operational movement To achieve its goals through which it can serve the community in which it operates .Therefore, that these rapid ,turbulent changes and challenges facing these organizations necessitated them to make many transformations in a way they perform their future work. mostly focused Weak, organizations that do not make good use capabilities and skills have become unable , and in return it has become very clear unquestionably, Strategic management has occupied a central position in strategic management studies, through which organizations can outperform their competitors and stand firmly towards these challenges, in order to , survive and continue under the rapidly changing environmental conditions . Then, two main hypotheses were identified , from which several sub-hypotheses were branched out for the purpose of testing a relationship and influence between research variables , as the two researchers used the descriptive and analytical method to verify the testing of the research hypotheses , study was conducted at Refineries Company located in Baghdad , Dora area , study sample reached (100) As a director, questionnaire tool was relied upon as main method in collecting data , exploratory ,confirmatory factor analysis was carried out , ,the validity and reliability of the questionnaire was tested . To a set of results , most prominent of which is existence of a direct relationship between strategic physiognomy(SP) and reconfiguration.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v11i03.002

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