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Jadhav Babasaheb Bandu

Volume: 3 Issue: 1 2013


Every middle-class household in India equips with at least one electronic gadgetry, like, television, music system, DVD-player, VCD-player, Internet, video games, etc. All these gadgets may be detrimental our new generations as well as older generations, that is one of the reasons for declining number of regular users of public libraries. We know public libraries build up collections of literature of local languages, national literature and world literature. A public library user can get higher satisfaction if they read classic literature, contemporary literature and know cultural heritage of India and the state he/she belongs. Other than books on literature, many informative books and magazines that enhance knowledge levels of the users are available in the public libraries. Other useful documents, such as career handbooks, encyclopedias, directories, dictionaries, etc. are also accessible in public libraries. Reading habits not only help a person becoming knowledgeable, socially responsible and socially productive person but also help in personality development. Information literacy competency development programmes may be initiated to impart necessary information skills and reading skills to public library users in maximizing utilization of public library resources. A public library may be participating a library resource-sharing network. The public library users should learn how to search union catalogues of the network, how to obtain documents from other participating libraries through inter-library loan service and document delivery service.

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