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S V Hanagodimath

Volume: 2 Issue: 3 2012


The problem of regional imbalances or disparity is Omani present. Regional imbalances in natural resources cannot be fixed. Regional disparity in social sector indicators cannot be eradicated totally but it can definitely be reduced. In the present study an attempt has been made to see the regional disparity within the states of Karnataka and Gujarat. It is observed that both the states have the considerable regional imbalances. Gujarat has comparatively higher level of regional disparity than that of Karnataka. It is happy to note that both the states have shown reduction of the quantum of regional imbalances in human development index over the period of time. Strategic, target oriented policy intervention is needed to improve the level of human development in India. Health and education facilities need to be improved; employment generating skill and training programme need to be provided to improve the status of human development index. Most of the states have district human development reports for their states. But there is an urgent need to bring out All-India district human development report. This report will be useful for researchers, planners and policy makers to compare the different district across different states. The report will also be helpful proper identification of under developed regions and their upliftment. Thus, inter-state and intra-state disparities can be reduced and balanced regional development can be achieved.

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