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A Critical Discourse Analysis of Negative Propaganda in Selected American and Chinese Channels: (COVID- 19) as a Case Study

Muhannad Abd Al- Rhda Aubadi, Prof. Abd Al-Kareem Fadhel Gameel

Volume: 11 Issue: 4 2021


Propaganda has important power as a product of modern media (social media, satellite television, the internet). Those means enhance the fast spread of information, news, and events to the public. The thought of a propaganda phenomenon, methodically funded by doctrine, persuades individuals. Propaganda generally involves untrue things that are regarded as aggressive. Essentially, propaganda can be an aware communication act with effective people. For instance, leaders and politicians depend on specific strategies to create many elements of excitement. The obvious example of conversion of people to causing harm to others is the negative propaganda of World War II. As a part of language communication, the study of negative propaganda in visual media is one of the most motivating topics to find out, because of the ability of this matter to manufacture people to understand the insight of propaganda in an altered way. The researcher uses the seventh edition of the (APA) style to introduce this paper. The present study makes a distinctive effort to survey the 'ideological discourse structures' as one of CDA's fundamental concepts .The study goals to analyze and survey the forms and types of propaganda techniques which are employed by the CGTN Chinese and CNN American channels under study. It also goals to investigate the use of illocutionary types in these chosen channels of COVID-19. To achieve the aims of the current study, a proportion of hypotheses are proposed, containing "negative propaganda" that is the main type of content in both the Chinese and American channels within the study. The study covered CGTN and CNN news reports related to the coronavirus. The eclectic model consists of: Van Dijk (2000), Yourman (1939), Shabo (2008), and Ellul (1965). Three of those models (Ellul, Yourman, and Shabo) engaged in propaganda. The rest have certain frames to deal with. According to the analysis of the data, the central conclusions of this investigation have clearly demonstrated that "negative propaganda" is the distinctive kind in the reports' state of (CNN & CGTN).

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v11i04.002

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