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Colors In Al-Sayyab's Selected Poems: A Semiotic Analysis

Dr. Hussein Hamid Ma’ayuf, Dhurgham Majeed Abdzaid

Volume: 11 Issue: 4 2021


Colors are used in different cultures and texts. They are used for many purposes by people. The meaningful aspects of the colors are created by community to reflect their ideas. The study will focus on the colors that are mentioned in Al-Sayyab's poems. The study aims to find how these colors are functioned in such poems through semiotic analysis. The colors are four, green, white, black and yellow. These colors have been tackled through semiotic analysis by using three signs: icon, index, and symbol. The study has reached to the conclusions that the use of these colors is stable in some contexts, while it varies among other. Those colors within the poetic language poems are stable if there is a reference to nature and the occurrence of these in different view of life. In others context varies according to the context and the theme of the poem, colors may reflect different signs out the color itself.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v11i04.014

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