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SJIF 2020: 6.179 | SJIF 2021: 6.064

Past Issue : Vol 13, Issue 5, Special Issue 2023

Research Article S.R. No: 1

 Page no: 1 - 8

The Impact of the Feminist Movement and Sisterhood in Wendy Wasserstein's The Sisters Rosensweig

Adnan Taher Rahmah, Salman Hayder Jasim

The Nineteenth and Twentieth century was considered the major turning points in the history of America replica uhren<...

Research Article S.R. No: 2

 Page no: 9 - 19

Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib (May God be pleased with him), the Crux of Prophecy

Hussein Allawi Haji


This research is an academic study carried out by the researcher and tagged (Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib (may God be pleased with him) the crucifixion of prophecy) in order to demo...

Research Article S.R. No: 3

 Page no: 20 - 32

The Moral Dimension in the Life of the Imams of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them), the Prophet Muhammad (May God bless him and his Family and grant him...

Mohsen Rashak Hammadi

This research is an academic study carried out by the researcher and labeled (the moral dimension in the life of the imams of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them), the Prophet Muhamma...

Research Article S.R. No: 4

 Page no: 33 - 56

Public Relations Programs and Prospects for Sustainable Development

Dr. Asmaa Hashim Salim Sarih Al Fahad

The public relations program represents the link between the institution and the public, and the program must be based on the full relationship. The goal of education for sustainab...

Research Article S.R. No: 5

 Page no: 58 - 74

Communications Methods of War Media in Confronting ISIS's Media during the Battles for Liberation: Survey of the Activities of the Directorate of Publ...

Majeed Abboud Munis Al-Hasani, Asyah Khdhair Ali

The research aims to know about the role of the war media in confronting the media of the extremist "ISIS" organization, through a survey study of the activities of the General Inf...


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