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SJIF 2020: 6.179 | SJIF 2021: 6.064

Past Issue : Volume: 14 Issue: 1 2024

Research Article S.R. No: 1

 Page no: 1 - 8

Pitting Sovereignty Against Migration: The Case of the Venezuelan Refugee Crisis

Manav Johar


Within the field of political science, the concept of state sovereignty is usually associated with how states protect their borders or security during war or conflicts between or w...

Research Article S.R. No: 2

 Page no: 9 - 17

Marginalization Among In-Migrant Construction Workers in Kerala: Exploring the Socio-Economic and Political Dimensions

Dr. Remya R


An attempt was made to understand the extent of marginalization among in-migrant construction workers in Kerala, and the socio-economic and political dimensions associated with thi...

Research Article S.R. No: 3

 Page no: 18 - 26

Labour Force Participation of Military Spouses: Global and Indian Perspective

V Vijaya Sri, Dr. Chandrashekhar V Joshi


Military spouses encounter exceptional challenges in employment due to the frequent relocations and deployments inherent to military life. This review examines the labour force par...

Research Article S.R. No: 4

 Page no: 27 - 38

Appraising of Tribal Development in the Light of Integrated Tribal Development Programme (ITDP)

Ashif Shaheer K, Dr Sameer Babu M


The tribal upliftment in India has been carried out since the inception of independence through various schemes and programmes. But due to various reasons the overall upliftment of...


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