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Past Issue : Volume: 12 Issue: 3 2022

Research Article S.R. No: 1

 Page no: 1 - 9

Difficulties Faced by Translation Students in translating Internet Contractions and Abbreviations from English into Arabic

Emad Jasem Mohamed


The scientific translation from English to Arabic is a subject that has been in the light of concern nowadays. With the increasing development of the technology and social media, l...

Research Article S.R. No: 2

 Page no: 10 - 20

Ecocritical Analysis of Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor by Rob Nixon

Hanan Abbas Hussein


This study aims to seek the ecocritical perspectives as portrayed in Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor by literary theorist Rob Nixon. Nixon depicts the threats a...

Research Article S.R. No: 3

 Page no: 21 - 51

The Narration Industry by Imam Abu Muhammad Abdullah Al-Harithi in His Book of The Musnad of Imam Abu Hanifa

Prof Dr Ahmed Shaker Mahmoud


The Prophetic Sunnah has a sublime position as being considered the second source of legislation, therefore, the distinguished scholars are concerned hugely with it with respect to...

Research Article S.R. No: 4

 Page no: 52 - 64

The Effect of Smart Board on Students’ Engagement in English

Dr Sura Abbas Obaid


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Research Article S.R. No: 5

 Page no: 65 - 74

Tagore-A Visionary Post-Humanist: A Reading of Tagore’s Poetry from Ecocritical Perspectives

Dr Vikas Sharma, Alka Sharma


The paper analyses and discusses the Posthuman theory, which emerged after the breakdown of humanism so well celebrated since the advent of the Renaissance in the western world. Th...

Research Article S.R. No: 6

 Page no: 75 - 87

Investigating the Attitudes of EFL Iraqi Learners Towards On-line Learning during Covid-19 Pandemic

Bahaaaldeen kazom Abbas


The emergent situation of Covid-19 pandemic has affected all countries around the world. In fact, people from all different walks of life have been troubled by this outbreak. The e...

Research Article S.R. No: 7

 Page no: 88 - 94

Silence in Jane Urquhart’s The Stone Carvers

Hussein Ali Abbas


Silence is traditionally recognized as a space of time in which words are not articulated and meaning is not convened. But, silence emerges to have a variety of meanings in literar...

Research Article S.R. No: 8

 Page no: 95 - 122

Managing Oil Revenues within the Framework of the Iraqi Financial Management Law No. (6) of the Amended 2019

Basil Hameed Shehab, Zinah Younis Hussein


The efficient and effective management of the oil sector and the revenues derived from it, necessarily leads to the maximization of Iraq's wealth by relying on effective rules in t...

Research Article S.R. No: 9

 Page no: 123 - 136

The Role of the Personalization Strategy in the Support and Commitment of the Higher Management of the Integrity Commission: Analytical Research

Omar Mahmoud Nassif, Dr Nada Ismaeel Jabbouri


The current research aims to know the role of the personalization strategy in the support and commitment of the senior management of the Federal Integrity Authority, where the rese...

Research Article S.R. No: 10

 Page no: 137 - 168

Analysis of the Economic Performance of the Hotel Industry using the Break-Even Method: Case Study-Al-Mansour Hotel Company

Dr Majid Hameed Nasser

[This paper was withdrawn due to certain technical errors]

The break-even point is concerned with studying the relationship between revenues, costs and profits at different levels of production, and it means determining the lowest lev...

Research Article S.R. No: 11

 Page no: 169 - 198

Using Modern Strategic Audit Tools to Develop and Improve Internal Auditing in the Iraqi Environment

Karar Jasim Najm


It is necessary to take into account the development that occurred in the business environment of organizations, which required the internal audit function to evolve to include asp...

Research Article S.R. No: 12

 Page no: 199 - 205

Subject Review: Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching

Faeza Adnan Salih


Language mirrors understanding of the same or other culture. Meaning is hardly encoded in the world community. Some linguists cannot solve language problems because of its abstract...

Research Article S.R. No: 13

 Page no: 206 - 222

The Effect of Applying the Capital Adequacy Standard According to Basel III Requirements on the Earning Quality in Iraqi Private Banks

Hasanain Salim Rasheed, Dr Mohammed Abdullah


This research aims to assess the earning quality after applying capital adequacy according to Basel III decisions in Iraqi private banks, and for the purpose of achieving the o...

Research Article S.R. No: 14

 Page no: 223 - 245

Election Results in the Iraqi Press: A Comparative Analytical Study for Al-Sabah, Al-Zaman and Al-Sabah Newspaper

M. M. Ibtihal Jassem Rashid


The press is the fourth authority, due to its active role in disseminating knowledge, awareness and enlightenment of all events that are going on around it, whether at the loca...

Research Article S.R. No: 15

 Page no: 246 - 274

Sociological Intelligence and its Relationship to Patterns of Family Upbringing among University Students

M. Dr. Niran Youssef Gabr


Alpinchksa intelligence and its relation to treatment parenting aimed at the current research is to identify the social intelligence of college students, and to identify the parent...

Research Article S.R. No: 16

 Page no: 275 - 294

Measuring the Role of Communication Means and Methods in Motivating the Public to Social Solidarity: Empirical Study

Asyah Khdhair Ali, Prof Dr Nahidh Fadhil


This research attempts to demonstrate the importance and role of communication means and methods in non-governmental organizations in motivating the public with social solidarity t...

Research Article S.R. No: 17

 Page no: 295 - 311

The Will to Power and Other Forces According to Nietzsche

Amal Ali Flhi


In this research I dealt with the subject of (the will to power) and how the philosopher (Nietzsche) dealt with it. I wanted to stand in this research at an important question in W...

Research Article S.R. No: 18

 Page no: 312 - 320

In Search For Identity In Postmodern America: The Case Of Don Delillo’s White Noise

Haneen Sabah Abid Al Ibrahim


This paper will discuss the negative effects of consumerism on people in the postmodern American society in Don DeLillo’s White Noise (1985). It will examine the threat of consum...

Research Article S.R. No: 19

 Page no: 321 - 326

The Making of a Heroine: A Female Character as Portrayed in The English Patient By Michael Ondaatje

Zainab Sameer Shakir


This article discusses how women have significant abilities to cope with the difficulties of war times. They are not the weak and vulnerable victims who are thought to be. On the c...

Research Article S.R. No: 20

 Page no: 327 - 347

The Role of Joint Auditing to Improving the Quality of the Electronic Auditor's Report in Iraqi Banks

Prof. Dr. Yosra Mnif, Abdul Star Abdul Jabar Salamn


This study aims to demonstrate the impact of joint auditing on improving the quality of the electronic auditor's report in Iraqi banks, by examining whether the banks that have bee...

Research Article S.R. No: 21

 Page no: 348 - 365

EFL University Students’ Perceptual Curiosity and Language Proficiency: Correlation Study

Asmaa Abd Al-Nabi, Dr. Shoaib Saied Fahady


This study aims to know the level of EFL students' Perceptual Curiosity . The level of EFL students' language proficiency. The correlational relationship between Iraqi EFL student...

Research Article S.R. No: 22

 Page no: 366 - 372

Celebrating Clifford Geertz’ Contributions to Anthropology: A Tribute on His 15th Death Anniversary

Riya Chhikara


After the second world war in 1960s, there were two currents of thoughts to understand culture, symbolic and postcolonial. The symbolic school included Clifford Geertz (1926-2006),...

Research Article S.R. No: 23

 Page no: 373 - 395

The Quranic Foundation for Mind (Rational) Ruling (Authority) over Legislative Text

Dr. Mohammed Jabbar Hashim Al-Jubori


The current study investigates the authority or governance of mind over legislative text of sharia law across different Islamic doctrines. Intellect or mind is assigned a high stat...

Research Article S.R. No: 24

 Page no: 396 - 422

Deceptive Roles of Women in Arabic and English Literature Context: A Pragmatic Study

Abeer Mahdi Abd-Alsahab, Prof. Dr. Sarab Khalil


Usually, feminine characters are assigned different roles and spaces for expressing the self and their cultural identity through literary text. Through searching and studying the l...

Research Article S.R. No: 25

 Page no: 423 - 443

A Stylistic Analysis of Junctures in Relation to Pauses in Doctor Strange and Aladdin Movies

Noor Qassim Mohammed, Prof. Dr. Basim Muftin Badr


The study has investigated and examined different types of pauses, both filled (hesitations) and non-filled (silent pauses) in terms of phonology in both Aladdin and Doctor Strange...

Research Article S.R. No: 26

 Page no: 444 - 477

The Economic Importance of the Tourism Transport Activity and its Role in Maximizing Revenues for the Tourism Sector in Iraq

Dr. Majid Hameed Nasser


The study deals with a basic problem embodied in the absence of official statistical surveys for the tourism sector within the reports of the Central Statistical Organization i...

Research Article S.R. No: 27

 Page no: 478 - 493

Impact of Human Resource Flexibility on Institutional Excellence: Analytical Study in General Directorate of Education Baghdad, Second Karkh

Ahmed Obaid Hussain Al-Kargoli


This research seeks to test the impact of human resource flexibility in its dimensions (skill flexibility, behavior flexibility, human resource practices flexibility) on instit...

Research Article S.R. No: 28

 Page no: 494 - 510

Japan’s Naval Force under the Rise of Militarism (1931-1939)

Riyam Ahmed Abed Al-Zubaidi, Prof. Dr. Waleed Abood Mohammed Al-Dulaimi


The expansion of the role of the military category, which rejects the issue of naval restrictions and looks forward to military expansion and the strengthening of naval Force...

Research Article S.R. No: 29

 Page no: 511 - 531

Corruption, Democracy and Economic Development in Nigeria

Abiloro Toba Olakunle, Akinnigbagbe Victor Makinde


Corruption has a way of influencing social economic and political factors of any nation directly and (or) indirectly through the country’s institutional framework. The basis of b...

Research Article S.R. No: 30

 Page no: 532 - 545

The Effect of Organized Crime on Good Governance in Nigeria

Rufus Aisedion, Osimen Goddy Uwa, Aderemi Opeyemi Ade-Ibijola


The security, economic, social and political disruptions of the state induced by the activities of organized crime has weakened the state’s authority to carry out its expected fu...

Research Article S.R. No: 31

 Page no: 546 - 559

Bridged Intersection and its Role in Solving the Problem of Traffic Jams in Baghdad (Aden Intersection as a Model)

M Nadia Muttlaq Arma


The phenomenon of traffic saturation experienced by intersections and roads leading to those intersections and the areas connecting them, has become a daily phenomenon experienced ...

Research Article S.R. No: 32

 Page no: 560 - 583

The Effect of Vocational Adjustment on Work Stress

Mushtaq Taleb Nouri, Dr Salma Hatyta Raheemah


The current research aims to show the effect of Vocational Adjustment in reducing the work pressures that the research sample is exposed to, represented by the doctors working in ...

Research Article S.R. No: 33

 Page no: 584 - 610

The Impact of Professional Capital on High Performance: Analytical Research at the Iraqi Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

Dr. Ali Hassoon Fendi, Ashkr Bahr Sultan


This research aims to show the extent of the impact of professional capital in achieving high performance in the research sample, and to diagnose the relationship between the resea...

Research Article S.R. No: 34

 Page no: 611 - 633

The Impact of Creative Leadership on Empowering Human Resources: Analytical Research in Some Colleges of University of Baghdad

Dr. Ali Hassoon Fendi, Israa Najm Abdullah


The current research focuses on testing the role of creative leadership and its necessity and the extent of its contribution to the effect to achieve the empowerment of human resou...


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