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Past Issue : Volume: 13 Issue: 3 2023

Research Article S.R. No: 1

 Page no: 1 - 14

The Impact of Red Model on Enhancing the Iraqi EFL University Students' Performance Skills in Writing

Abdullah Najim Abd Al Khanaifsawy

Writing is a powerful tool for communicating and expressing one's feelings, ideas, and opinions to others. Thinking skills might help you improve your writing and study more effect...

Research Article S.R. No: 2

 Page no: 15 - 22

A Semantic Study of the Word “Furqan” in Some Quaanic Selected Verses

Abdullah Najim Abd Al Khanaifsawy

It is worth mentioning that Semantics is the bridge by which meaning can be studied and texts can be understood and, finally, the intentions and implications of divine revelations ...

Research Article S.R. No: 3

 Page no: 23 - 34

Foregrounding Nature's Role: A Functionalist Ecostylistic Study of The Hungry Tide

Zahraa Adnan Mohamed, Eman Adil Jaafar


The study of language and ecology is a recent topic in linguistic studies. The current study investigates language patterns that are employed to describe the powerful role of natur...

Research Article S.R. No: 4

 Page no: 35 - 44

Nationhood and Nativisation in Raja Rao’s “Kanthapura”

Abeer Ali Dinar


Raja Rao is considered to be as one of the widely acclaimed Indian American international authors and one of the pioneer literary voices in the Indian/English literature. Even thou...

Research Article S.R. No: 5

 Page no: 45 - 53

Liminial Identities in Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations

Abeer Ali Dinar


The diversity of gender and the struggle of identity are considered as two of the main themes in literature equally in the classics and modernist, from the gender perspective; the ...

Research Article S.R. No: 6

 Page no: 54 - 62

The Effect of Using Multimodal Approaches of Language Teaching and Learning on Sawa Private University English Department Students’ Reading Abilitie...

Dr. Ali Abdul Mohsin Al-Hajmee


For both instructors and students, a multimodal approach in the classroom may inspire creativity. It does not necessarily rely on technology and instead makes use of the existing k...

Research Article S.R. No: 7

 Page no: 63 - 71

Colonizer and Colonized in Daniel Defoeś Robinson Crusoe

Dr. Murthadha Adel Bader


In the midst of this papers, I will talk about the characteristic of colonialism in a literary manner through the author Daniel Defoe in his Robinson Crusoe, and how he reviews the...

Research Article S.R. No: 8

 Page no: 72 - 79

Metamorphosis in T.S. Eliot “The Waste Land” (Modern American Poetry)

Dr. Murthadha Adel Bader


The Waste Land was quickly recognized as a major statement of modernist poetics, both for its broad symbolic significance and for Eliot’s masterful use of formal techniques that ...

Research Article S.R. No: 9

 Page no: 73 - 79

The Relationship Between Iraqi EFL Learners’ Stress Coping Strategies, Self-Efficacy, and Language Learning

Hayder Hakim Abd Al-Khadhim, Tamadhur Okab Sarhan


The investigation of the connection that exists between the manner in which students of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) deal with stress and their judgments of their own degree...

Research Article S.R. No: 10

 Page no: 80 - 87

Marginalization in Morison’s the Bluest Eyes

Hayder Hakim Abd Al-Khadhim


The concept of race, community, Qabeela (Arabic) was originally introduced in the field of history only to make a convenient way to refer to groups of human beings in different geo...

Research Article S.R. No: 11

 Page no: 88 - 98

Evaluation of the Financial Performance of the Ashur Bank According to (GAMELS) Standards: An Analytical Study

Hadeel Jabbar Ali


In recent years, the business environment has witnessed great developments as a result of technological development and openness to global markets, which led to an increase in comp...

Research Article S.R. No: 12

 Page no: 99 - 113

The Role of Internal Audit Based on Internal Control in Enhancing the Efficiency of the Outputs of the Government's Accounting System

Ibrahim Hilal Abdulsada Alqarawee


The internal audit function focuses on detecting tampering that may occur in government units and enterprises, as well as identifying weaknesses and gaps that the employees of thos...

Research Article S.R. No: 13

 Page no: 114 - 118

Policy and the Acquisition of the Second Language in Arabic-Speakers Countries; Iraq And Saudi Arabia as Examples

Suad Qahtan Hussien

Acquiring English as a second language becomes essential for many reasons. Basically, because English is a universal language, moreover, the universe witnesses globalization which ...

Research Article S.R. No: 14

 Page no: 119 - 123

Subject Review: Blogs as Learning Tools in EFL Classrooms

Zena Abdulameer Mohammad

Blogs have emerged as a powerful technology tool for English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classrooms. This literature review aims to provide an overview of the use of blogs as learn...

Research Article S.R. No: 15

 Page no: 124 - 136

The Effect of the Value Relevance of Financial Reports on the Market Value of the Economic Entity

Dr. Muna Jabbar Mohammed

The research aims to study the impact of the suitability of the value of the accounting information contained in the financial reports on the market value of the commercial banks l...

Research Article S.R. No: 16

 Page no: 137 - 157

Impact of Chaos Theory on the Application of Innovation: An Analytical Research for The Opinions of a Sample of the Leaders of National Security Advis...

Alaa Abdulhussein Kzar, Dr. Alyaa Jassim Mohammed

The purpose of current research to investigate the influence of chaos theory on application of innovation, as it is the top of the pyramid in the security strategic decision-ma...

Research Article S.R. No: 17

 Page no: 158 - 176

Poetry of Opposite Binaries in Supplication

Dr. Arkan Hussein Mteer

The poetry is considered as a scientific manner . It works to investigate the finest and highest aesthetics of the literary text . And it works on searching and extracting the char...

Research Article S.R. No: 18

 Page no: 177 - 190

The Impact of Change Management on the Organizational Climate: An Analytical Study of the Opinions of a Sample of Workers at Al-Kindi Hospital in Bagh...

Dr. Maysoon Ali Hussein, Dr. Haneen Qasim Hasan

Research Objective to Recognize the Relationship between Organizational Climate and Change Management at Canadian Hospital research ", the researcher used the exploratory curriculu...

Research Article S.R. No: 19

 Page no: 191 - 203

Two Battles of Al – Taff ( 61 A.H / 680 A.D ) and Fakh (169 A.H / 768 A.D): A Study in Similarity and Difference Look

Ameer Jawad Khadhim Ali Beage


The great similarity between the battle of al-Taff, which took place during the Umayyad era (41-132 AH / 661-749 AD), and which took place between the camp of truth and the toleran...

Research Article S.R. No: 20

 Page no: 204 - 207

Kingsley Amis and the Movement Poetry

Marwa Bilal


The Movement literary movement is known for how it caused so many debates concerning its existence in the 1950s. This is due to the fact that the poetry of this movement is known a...

Research Article S.R. No: 21

 Page no: 208 - 225

A Corpus-Based Approach Towards Investigating the Collocations of the Synonymous Nouns Problem, Difficulty and Trouble

Dr Sawsan H. Hassan

[This paper was withdrawn due to certain technical errors]


Research Article S.R. No: 22

 Page no: 226 - 230

Politics and Architecture of the Gothic House in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper

Dr. Tatheer Faiq, Prof. Dr. Tala Faiq


The gothic ‘house’ with the gothic architecture gives the expression of the bizarre, macabre psychological states with an atmosphere of suspense, uncertainty and horror. This ...

Research Article S.R. No: 23

 Page no: 231 - 242

Organizational Readiness and its Role in Achieving Organizational Pride

Haider Hussein Ghali Tarish


The current research aims to identify and measure the extent of the impact of organizational readiness with its dimensions of (cultural readiness, operational readiness and personn...

Research Article S.R. No: 24

 Page no: 243 - 250

The Impact of Accounting Conservatism on Predicting the Financial Performance of Economic Units

Assist. Lec. Tariq Hatim Rahi, Prof. Dr. Abbas Hamid Yahya Al-Temimi


The rapid changes taking place in the modern business environment, the fierce competition between economic units, the scarcity of economic resources, and the exposure of many of th...

Research Article S.R. No: 25

 Page no: 251 - 258

The Relationship-between the Extent of Iraqi EFL Learners’ Pragmatic-Knowledge of Apology and Request-Speech Acts and Their Ability to Comprehend an...

Zahra Mubarak


This study examined the pragmatic understanding of request and apology speech acts among Iraqi EFL students, and how pragmatic instruction can improve their performance. The articl...

Research Article S.R. No: 26

 Page no: 259 - 271

The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Human Rights

Dr. Aqila Hadi Issa


In times of emergency, it is often necessary to take exceptional and temporary measures to confront the situation while still respecting human dignity. The Covid-19 pandemic is a p...

Research Article S.R. No: 27

 Page no: 272 - 298

Interactive Marketing of Insurance Service and its Role in Customer Relationship Management: Applied Research in the Iraqi Insurance Company

Maha Kamel Jawad, Maha Abdul Razzaq Muhammad


The aim of the research is to highlight the role played by interactive marketing of the insurance service in managing customer relations, and given the importance of these two vari...

Research Article S.R. No: 28

 Page no: 299 - 308

Selling the Currency Window in the Central Bank of Iraq and Exchange Rate Risks: An Analytical Study for the Period from 2016 to 2019

Hussein Zaboon Oleiwi


The foreign currency window ensures demand for foreign currency, and in order for banks to carry out their task on the demand side, they open accounts for this purpose at the centr...

Research Article S.R. No: 29

 Page no: 307 - 322

The Role of Commercial and Islamic Banks in Promoting Comprehensive Investment in Light of Banking Performance: Iraq Case Study

Ali Fadhl Bueawi


The banking sector is one of the leading sectors in many economies and an important driver of development. It plays a vital role in mobilizing domestic and foreign savings and cont...

Research Article S.R. No: 30

 Page no: 323 - 339

The Effect of Patterns of Strategic Thinking in Strengthening the Elements of Strategic Alliances A Study of the Opinions of a Sample of Private Bank ...

Nabeel Qasim Enad


The research aims to study the impact of the transition of traditional banking operations to operations based on the policies and approaches of strategic alliances and their role i...

Research Article S.R. No: 31

 Page no: 340 - 350

The Effect of Applying Neural Network Information Systems in Achieving Parallel Processing of Decisions and Streamlining Smart Solutions for Human Res...

Asst Prof. Dr. Fouad Yousif Abdul-Rahman, Asst. Prof Dr. Sumaya Abbas Majeed, Asst. Prof. ...


The research is based on the idea that the use of neural network information system applications with the digital dimension of artificial intelligence has an important and distinct...

Research Article S.R. No: 32

 Page no: 351 - 356

Humble Leadership (Subject Review)

Dr. Khaled Mahdi Saleh


Purpose of current research to review one of most important subject of Humble Leader ship and investigate the details it's new relatively concept and explain its importance accor...

Research Article S.R. No: 33

 Page no: 357 - 384

Role of Political Systems in Achieving Sustainable Development (2030): Iraqi Regime is a Model

Dr. Sundus Sarhan Ahmed


The emergence of the concept of sustainable development is attributed to the growing interest and awareness of countries, bodies, institutions, and individuals in development issue...

Research Article S.R. No: 34

 Page no: 385 - 400

New Reading in Military Architecture (ALbaab ALwstani) Model

Farouq Mohammed Ali


Of the hard structures The establishment of defensive fortifications on the eastern side of Baghdad has begun since the days of the Caliph Ibu Jaafar Al Mansour (136-158 AH) (754-7...

Research Article S.R. No: 35

 Page no: 401 - 407

A Study on the Structure and Trends in Sector Wise Domestic Savings in India

Dr. A. Lakshmi


The domestic savings are strong determinants of economic growth in the country. The present study concludes that in total gross domestic savings householders are major contributors...


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