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Past Issue : Volume: 12 Issue: 4 2022

Research Article S.R. No: 1

 Page no: 1 - 13

Emerging Ground Water Crisis in India and its Solution

Susma Kumari


There is a total of 1,46,00,000 cubic kilometers of water present on the earth. Out of this, 97 percent is in the oceans, which is not useful for us due to being saline, and 1.6 pe...

Research Article S.R. No: 2

 Page no: 14 - 25

Integrated Reporting Reports and their Impact on the Iraqi Economic Units Returns

Mohammed Zuhair Majeed, A. M. Dr. Salman Hussein Abdullah


Expanding the scope of reporting for economic units to include, in addition to financial information, non-financial information that discloses non-financial performance and merg...

Research Article S.R. No: 3

 Page no: 26 - 49

The Impact of Inspirational Leadership on Achieving Strategic Success: An Analytical Study of the Opinions of a Sample of Employees of the General Dir...

Mahmood Mohamed Jassim, Dr. Adel Abdel Wadood Taher Al-Abbasi


The research aims, through its chapters, to test the influence relationship between the inspiring leadership that is aware of its dimensions (future vision, self-confidence, ...

Research Article S.R. No: 4

 Page no: 50 - 63

The Rhetorical Structure in the Value Visibility in the Letters of Imam Al-Baqir “B”

Dr. Huda Saeed Badir Al-Amidi


Among the clash of deviant ideas and dark forces’ struggle against the Muslim lands and in light of the unification of the enemy’s front and the division of the Muslim sc...

Research Article S.R. No: 5

 Page no: 64 - 82

The Effect of General External Environmental Variables on the Characteristics of Faithful Representation on the Presentation in Financial Reports Acco...

Ahmed Sami Hasaballah, Dr. Safwan Qusay Abdel Halim Al Taha


The current study is based on identifying the concept of general external environmental variables and their impact on the activities and work of economic units through the comp...

Research Article S.R. No: 6

 Page no: 83 - 100

The Role of Creative Leadership in Achieving Creative Performance

Hasan Ghafil Jawad


Studying the role of leadership and its sciences in scientific research. The company has developed its time, and linked it between international companies represented in the resear...

Research Article S.R. No: 7

 Page no: 101 - 116

The Methods of Persuasion used in the E-marketing Advertisements and their Reflection on the Purchasing Behaviour of Iraqi Youth: A Field Study

Abdulhussein Juhi Mozan Al-Saedi, Dr. Kareem Meshat Zalaf Al-Moussawi


Scientists consider that the appeal to the mind is the mental criterion for persuasion, which is the strongest and most influential, followed by the appeal to the heart, which repr...

Research Article S.R. No: 8

 Page no: 117 - 137

Strategic Engineering and its Impact on Organizational Prosperity: An Exploratory Study of the Opinions for a Sample of the Leaders of the Integrity C...

Dr. Ayad Taher Mohammed, Khalil Ibrahim Faleh


The perpuse of current research to test impact of Strategic Engineering as an independent variable in Organizational Prosperity as a responsive variable, in the Federal Integrity C...

Research Article S.R. No: 9

 Page no: 138 - 149

The Impact of Management with Intelligence on Technological Readiness: Field Research in Iraqi Telecom Companies

Amer Muhammad Jaber, Atheer Abdullah Muhammad


The research aims to know the extent to which management influences intelligence with its dimensions (strategic intelligence, emotional intelligence, social intelligence) on techno...

Research Article S.R. No: 10

 Page no: 150 - 165

The Predictive Ability of Accounting Information in Accordance with the Requirements for the Adoption of IPSAS 2: An Applied Study at the Ministry of ...

Asaad Jasim Khudhair Al-Karawi, Safwan Qusay Abdul Halim Al-Taha


This research aims to know or measure the predictive ability of the accounting information of the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research as one of the public se...

Research Article S.R. No: 11

 Page no: 166 - 182

The Triumph of Woman Over Predicament in Sean O'Casey's Juno and the Paycock: A Feminist Reading

Dr. Jaleel Abd Jaleel


This paper deals with the predicament of women in the narrow-minded Irish society of earlier twentieth century Ireland, the researcher in this paper sheds light on the oppres...

Research Article S.R. No: 12

 Page no: 183 - 209

Using the Green Target Cost to Build a Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Al-Zawraa State Company for Electrical and Electronic Industries Productio...

Prof. Dr. Abbas Nawar Khait Almusawi, Sameer Shakir Mahmood Alani


The paper aims to study and analyze a framework that is theoretical and cognitive of the green target cost. Also, studying and analyzing the level of applications of Al-Zawra...

Research Article S.R. No: 13

 Page no: 210 - 218

Obligations of REITs: A Comparative Study

Sahar Kamel Jawad, Dr. Ahda Bassem Al-Khafaji


We not individually obtain a property over a long period of time, but by investing in real estate investment traded funds, those who do not own real estate can have the right of ow...

Research Article S.R. No: 14

 Page no: 219 - 249

The Effect of the Green Value Chain in Reducing Environmental Failure Costs

Khaleel Radhi Hasan Alzlzly, Prof. Dr. Manal Jabbar Sorour


The research aims to apply the activities of the green value chain as one of the modern administrative techniques that economic units resort to develop solutions to the pollu...

Research Article S.R. No: 15

 Page no: 250 - 264

The Role of the Cleaner Production Strategy in Enhancing the Main Success Factors

Abbas Saud Salem, Prof. Dr. Manal Jabbar Sorour


The business environment is witnessing tremendous developments in the field of production and technology, which requires the development of production methods to go in line ...

Research Article S.R. No: 16

 Page no: 265 - 294

The Influence of the Media on the Development of Domestic Tourism in the Ancient City of Ur: An Exploratory Study of a Sample Opinion of Tourists

Nisreen Ghali Qasem


The increasing role of the media in supporting the national development plans of countries is not hidden, especially in the field of tourism, which is one of the most im...

Research Article S.R. No: 17

 Page no: 295 - 327

The Impact of Digital Human Resource Management Practices on Professional Capital: Analytical Research in the Iraqi Ministry of Labor and Social Affai...

Dr. Ali Hassoon Fendi, Ashkr Bahr Sultan


The research aims to demonstrate the impact of digital human resources management practices on professional capital in the ministry, the research sample, and to diagnose...

Research Article S.R. No: 18

 Page no: 328 - 355

The Role of Social Capital in Empowering Human Resources: Analytical Research in Some Colleges of the University of Baghdad

Israa Najm Abdullah, Dr. Ali Hassoon Fendi


The current research focuses on testing the role of social capital and the extent of its contribution to the effect to achieve the empowerment of human resources in the ...

Research Article S.R. No: 19

 Page no: 356 - 363

The Role of the Customer Experience in Achieving Marketing Brilliance: An Applied Research in the Communication Companies Asiacell and Zain Iraq

A.L. Saida Owed Awni, Prof. Dr. Alaa Farhan Talib


The aim of the research is to identify the impact of customer experience on marketing brilliance, as the research adopted the descriptive analytical approach by deriving hypotheses...

Research Article S.R. No: 20

 Page no: 364 - 385

Visionary Leadership and its Impact on Open Innovation: Analytical Research for a Sample of Senior Leaders in the Ministry of Science and Technology

Mohammed Jassam Mohammed, Dr. Mohsen Rashid Attabi


The current research aims to test the impact of visionary leadership in achieving open creativity in the Ministry of Science and Technology in Baghdad, as well, From identi...

Research Article S.R. No: 21

 Page no: 386 - 401

Diagnosing Organizational Learning Strategies at the University of Dhi-Qar: A Case Study

Naseer Hadab Hamidi Al-Zamili, Prof. Dr. Salah Abdel Qader Ahmed Al-Nuaimi


The current research aims to diagnose organizational learning strategies at the University of Dhi Qar, and to achieve this, the organizational learning strategies variable w...

Research Article S.R. No: 22

 Page no: 402 - 428

Impact of E-Human Resource Management in Achieving Organizational Happiness: An Exploratory Study in a Sample of Private Banks Listed in the Iraq Sto...

Ali Hassan Haraj


The research aims to present a set of ideas expressed in the form of recommendations that can constitute solutions that contribute to achieving a systematic scientific adopt...

Research Article S.R. No: 23

 Page no: 429 - 441

Social Capital Cracking: Article Review

Dr. Mohsin Rashed Musaheb, Dr. Alyaa Jassim Mohammed


The researchers aimed from reviewing the current article to review the philosophy of social capital and go into its details, which has become difficult to measure correctly and acc...

Research Article S.R. No: 24

 Page no: 442 - 456

Translation of Captives of Superstition State Novel from Cultural Perspective

Falah Hussein Hanoon Al-Sari


This paper analyzes the strategies adopted in the English translation of the Arabic novel Captives of Superstition State (2019) from a Cultural perspective. In translating l...

Research Article S.R. No: 25

 Page no: 457 - 478

Effects Moderating Role of Information Technology in the Audit Profession

Mohammed Jaber Kadhim, Dr. Mohammed Ali Hassan


By examining the impact of auditor competence, time budget pressure, and audit complexity using information technology as a modifier of the assumed relationships, this study...

Research Article S.R. No: 26

 Page no: 479 - 491

A Pragmatic Study of Taunt in Corden’s The Late Late Show Program

Dr. Wafaa Mokhlos Faisal


This study is conducted to analyze the concept of taunt pragmatically in TV talk show. As taunt is found in daily talks, many people have no idea how it is working in the productio...

Research Article S.R. No: 27

 Page no: 492 - 512

The Role of Reporting Service Franchise Arrangements in Improving the Quality of Financial Reporting

Alaa Saleh Abdallah, Dr. Salman Hussein Abdullah


The current research aims to present and analyze the reporting requirements for service privilege arrangements according to interpretation SIC29, IFRIC12 and related standar...

Research Article S.R. No: 28

 Page no: 513 - 539

Overlapping Waves Strategy and Its Impact on Strategic Success

Karar Abdul-Hussein Ajimi, Prof. Dr. Suhair Adel Hamed


The current research aims to diagnose the reality of the intertwined waves strategy and strategic success in the General Company for the Automotive Industry and Equipment, o...

Research Article S.R. No: 29

 Page no: 540 - 562

Ethical Leadership and its Impact on Organizational Integrity: Analytical research at Sumer University

Rafik Jaber Hussein, Dr. Muhammad Yassin Al-Hashmawi


This research seeks to demonstrate the impact of ethical leadership on organizational integrity in the research sample organization, and to diagnose and explain the relation...

Research Article S.R. No: 30

 Page no: 563 - 582

Social Identity in Bharati Mukherjee’s Days and Nights in Calcutta

Mohammed Lateef Aziz Twayej


The study is an attempt to discuss Bharati Mukherjee’s social identity in a remarkable work of diasporic Indian literature, Days and Nights in Calcutta, based on Henri Tajf...

Research Article S.R. No: 31

 Page no: 583 - 608

Strategic Physiognomy and its Impact on Organizational Sustainability

Anfal Nufal Abd Ali, Prof. Dr. Suhair Adel Hamed


This research aims to test "the relationship between with Strategic physiognomy its dimensions (empowerment, inspiration, deep understanding) as an independent variable and organiz...

Research Article S.R. No: 32

 Page no: 609 - 632

Golden Behaviour of Leadership and its Impact on Achieving Organizational Commitment: An Exploratory Study for Opinions of a Sample of Managements of ...

Jakub Safar Ali


The research aims at several goals, most notably building a golden leadership behavior model for the departments of the organizations surveyed based on the practical results of ...

Research Article S.R. No: 33

 Page no: 633 - 645

Staging Violence in Sarah Kane’s Blasted & Ali Abdulnebi Al Zaidi’s Fourth Generation: A Comparative Study

Basaad Maher Mhayyal, Dr. Haitham Al-Zubbaidi


Violence occurs as a daily human action all over the world; it may cause so many kinds of damage to individuals as well as to society: physical, psychological, or both. Many litera...

Research Article S.R. No: 34

 Page no: 646 - 663

A Contemporary Reading of the First Political Wars in Islam (The So-called Apostasy Wars)

Hanaa Saadoon Jabbar, Hassan Taher Melhim


Contemporary historians and writers based on what was reported by the forerunners in the news of those who abstained from paying zakat after the death of the Messenger (peace and b...

Research Article S.R. No: 35

 Page no: 664 - 679

Diagnosing the Level of Application of Organizational Prosperity in the Anbar Health Department

Dr. Alyaa Jassim Mohammed, Karim Nadhim Mansour


The current research aims to diagnose the level of interest of the Anbar Health Department in the application of organizational prosperity and to identify its sub-dimensions, th...

Research Article S.R. No: 36

 Page no: 680 - 698

The Role of Strategic Leadership in Crisis Management through Strategic Planning as a Moderator Variable

Md. Krar Muhsin Thaji, Dr. Haneen Qasim Hasan, Dr. Ibtisamah Raad Ibrahim, Md. Saadulldeen...


This research aims to identify the strengths in the strategic leadership that emerge through their practices and their role in crisis management in government institutions in Ir...

Research Article S.R. No: 37

 Page no: 699 - 716

The Importance of Mental Accounting to Supporting the Performance of Learning Organizations

Dr. Zaid Aed Mardan, Sarah Fouad Muslim, Dhafer Abdullah Hamed


The research aimed to introduce the concept of mental accounting and its management, the concept of mental accounting and its components, as well as the concept of a learning organ...

Research Article S.R. No: 38

 Page no: 717 - 724

Concepts of Literature: Comparative Literature By Henry Gifford (An Article Review)

Asmaa Mukaram Saeed


                     Download PDF

Research Article S.R. No: 39

 Page no: 725 - 741

Impoliteness in English and Arabic Parliamentary Questioning

Prof. Dr. Qasim Abbas Dhayef Al-Tufayl, Kadhim Ketab Rhaif


The study aims at investigating the types of impoliteness used in English and Arabic parliamentary questioning. The first thing that has to be done in order for this study to accom...

Research Article S.R. No: 40

 Page no: 742 - 762

Sustainable Performance Audit Role in Supporting Lean Cultural

Ahmed Hamzah Abbas


The research aims to study the role of targeted audit in supporting Lean Cultural. Explaining the reasons for the shift from traditional production to Lean Cultural. Identifying...

Research Article S.R. No: 41

 Page no: 763 - 783

International Humanitarian Law between War and Peace

Dr. Hannan Drewil Mohammed


This study dealt with the issue of the difficulties of applying international humanitarian law, because of its importance in light of international and non-international armed conf...

Research Article S.R. No: 42

 Page no: 784 - 800

The Mediating Role of Management by Walking around in Enhancing the Effect of Competitive Pressures on Strategic Renewal of Business Organization (Fie...

Prof. Dr. Salah Aldeen Awad Al-Kubaisy, Maha Fadhil Ibrahim


The aim of the research is to identify the influence relationships between competitive pressures, management by roaming, and strategic renewal, as well as a statement of the mediat...

Research Article S.R. No: 43

 Page no: 801 - 823

Time and General Relativity between Einstein-Hawking

Dr. Hanan Ali Awada


The idea of the research revolves around the problem of time and general relativity for Einstein and Hawking .They have applied the theory of relativity to the nature, creation and...

Research Article S.R. No: 44

 Page no: 824 - 846

Designing a Supplementary Syllabus for Teaching Scientific English at College Level

Maysam Tareq Mahmood, Dr. Shoaib Saied Fahady


The domain of ESP becomes central in language teaching and learning and all the educational fields should take into account the required methodologies, tasks, syllabus design, acti...

Research Article S.R. No: 45

 Page no: 847 - 869

The Impact of Iraqi Nature in the Drawings of the Artist Salam Jabbar Jiyad: An Analytical Study

Mahmmoud Hussein A Al Rahman


Nature occupied a distinguished position in the literary and artistic circles in the successive Iraqi civilizations that established the landmarks of urbanization and development a...

Research Article S.R. No: 46

 Page no: 870 - 888

A Cognitive Stylistic Analysis of Personal Narratives about Covid-19 Pandemic

Prof. Dr. Qasim Obayes Al-Azzawi, Kadhim Ketab Rhaif


This paper explores how the stylistic framework of Text World Theory can be applied to personal narratives. This approach falls within the scope of the discipline of cognitive styl...

Research Article S.R. No: 47

 Page no: 889 - 907

The Role of Creativity and Leadership in Achieving the Competitive Advantage of Banks

Abbas Ali Muhammad, Shaalan Shyaa Mayea, Mohammed Salim Madhi, Krar Muhsin Thajil


This study aims to clarify the role of creativity and leadership in achieving competitive advantage in the banking business environment. As the presence of leadership in the busine...

Research Article S.R. No: 48

 Page no: 908 - 925

Collaborative Writing as a Means in Developing EFL Learners’ Writing Performance

Qusay Mahdi Mutar, Saad Hasan Hmmud


Collaborative learning is a way that prepares students practically for real-world applications. Working together as teamwork to execute various writing skills is essential in most ...

Research Article S.R. No: 49

 Page no: 926 - 941

Relationship between Self Esteem and Self Efficacy

Kartika Solanki


Self-esteem and self-efficacy have a significant role in determining an individual's success and failure. They have an impact on the effort someone makes to achieve their objective...

Research Article S.R. No: 50

 Page no: 942 - 976

Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) and its Impact on Psychological Capital: An Analytical Study of the Opinions of a Sample of Department Managers and Peo...

Alaa Abdel Karim Jalil, Prof. Dr. Hadeel Kazem Saeed


The current research aims to verify the effect of (leader-member exchange) as an independent variable in psychological capital as a responding variable, in the departments of the M...

Research Article S.R. No: 51

 Page no: 977 - 990

The Aesthetics of Plastic Arts and their Role in Embodying Model Environments for the Exhibits Hall of the Iraqi Natural History Research Center and M...

Mahmoud Hussein A Al-Rahman


This research aims to highlight the aesthetics of plastic arts and their role in embodying the model environments of the exhibition hall of the Iraqi Natural History Museum an...

Research Article S.R. No: 52

 Page no: 991 - 1010

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Improving the Financial Efficiency of Banks: An Applied Study of a Sample of Individuals Working at Al-Rafidain...

Mohammed Salim Madhi, Abbas Ali Mohammed, Shaalan Shyaa Mayea, Krar Muhsin Thajil, Saadull...


This research aims to identify the strengths of artificial intelligence, which appear through the adoption of its tools and its role in improving the financial efficiency of gov...

Research Article S.R. No: 53

 Page no: 1011 - 1023

La divergencia entre el espanol y el arabe al respeto de la Aspectualidad y Temporalidad "Estudio Contrastivo"

Khaleel Owain Farhan


Applying grammatical rules of foreign languages regarding Time and Aspect to the Arabic language caused several problems, one of which led Orientalists to annul temporality in t...

Research Article S.R. No: 54

 Page no: 1024 - 1042

The Use of Big Data Mining to Improve the Quality of Forecasting Cash Flows for Companied Listed in the Iraq Stock Exchange

Dr. Zaid Aed Mardan, Noor Hamza Salman, Dhafer Abdullah Hamed


This study aims to improve the quality of financial reports by providing information about future cash flows as important information that benefits decision makers. By testing th...

Research Article S.R. No: 55

 Page no: 1043 - 1061

The Role of Organizational Justice in Developing Psychological Ownership of Workers

Dr. Khaled Mahdi Saleh, Dr. Majeed Hameed Taher, Dr. Hala Sahib Abdul Sattar


The research aims to demonstrate the role of organizational justice as an independent variable in influencing the achievement of development of the sense of psychological ownership...

Research Article S.R. No: 56

 Page no: 1062 - 1083

The Effect of Capital Restrictions on the Market Value of the Stocks of a Sample of Iraqi Banks

Dr. Mohammed H. Adnan, Mohammed Nageeb Albana


The research aims to study the impact of the change in the market value resulting from the increase in the capital of a sample of banks listed in the Iraq Stock Exchange. Which i...

Research Article S.R. No: 57

 Page no: 1084 - 1115

The Impact of Strategic Foresight on Organizational Sustainability

Hameed Ali Hameed, Prof. Dr. Hadeel Kadem Saeed

[This paper was withdrawn due to certain technical errors]

The current research aims to diagnose the impact of strategic foresight in achieving organizational sustainability at Al-Wasit Refineries Company - Al-Dora Refinery, as well as kno...

Research Article S.R. No: 58

 Page no: 1116 - 1123

New Education Policy 2020 and Reforms in Higher Educational Institutions in India

Dr. Chaganti Rami Reddy


The New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 heralds a transformative era for higher education institutions in India. This policy is a comprehensive framework that seeks to revolutionize th...


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